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With Adrian Rhein - MLS Mortgage, the loan approval process has never been as easy. We offer a variety of secure and convenient application options:

  1. Complete Secure 1003 Application
    • Formal Loan Application
  2. Call us at (530) 401-1634
    • We will gladly take your application over the phone and assist you with any questions you may have.
  3. Download Application
    • Download this FREE application now and simply mail it, fax it, or bring it to the office.
  4. Documents needed
      • Copy of current Drivers’ License
      • Social Security Cards
      • Copy of your DD214 Military Discharge form (If doing a VA loan)
      • Name and Address of nearest living relative not living with you (If doing a VA loan)
      • Copy of the Property Tax Bill (For each property you own)
      • Copy of your Home Owners Insurance Declaration page (For each property you own)
      • Copy of the most recent Mortgage Payment Coupon (For every Mortgage or Equity Line)
      • Copy of the Home Owners Association Monthly or Annual Bill (If applicable)
      • Copy of your existing Second Trust Deed / Mortgage NOTE / Home Equity Line of Credit (If applicable)
      • Copy of the most recent and last 30 days Pay Check Stubs
      • Copy of your Social Security (or Disability) Award Letters, for this year (If applicable)
      • Copies of all W2′s & or, 1099 Forms, for 2014 & 2015
      • All pages of your 2014 & 2015 Federal Tax Returns (We do NOT need the State Returns)*
      • All W2’s and or 1099 Forms for 2016If you have already filed your 2017 returns, use those in place of the 2016 returns requested above
        Copy of your Business License for the last two years (If applicable)
      • All pages of Corporate and or Partnership Returns, and any/all K1′s for last two filed years (If applicable)*
      • A Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement and Business Balance Sheet (If Self Employed)
      • Copy of all Rental Agreements for any and or all Investment properties (If applicable)
      • All pages of your last Three Months Bank Statements for all Checking & Savings Accounts*
      • All pages of your most recent Retirement and or Investment Account Statements*
      • All pages of complete Divorce Decree / Property Settlement Agreement
      • All pages of the Bankruptcy Filing AND Discharge papers, including the Schedule’s “E” & “F” (If applicable)*
      • Gift Letter from donor stating the amount of gift, the purpose of gift and proof of relationship (If Applicable)
      • Copy of Purchase Agreement and all Addendums or Counter Offers (If applicable)
      • Name, Address and Contact information all Landlords over the past 24 months (If applicable)
      • A short letter explaining your motivation to refinance (If applicable)
      • A letter explaining the reason for each “Credit Inquire” that shows on your credit report
        (Please itemize each creditor, include the name & date of each inquire & note if any new credit was granted).

    *Please note: All Pages Bank Statements have pages that say “This page is left blank intentionally”. Your lender must have those pages as well. For Tax Returns, that means all Schedules sent in to the IRS.