Home Purchase

Buying a home is one of the largest investments one will ever make. Some people even say that buying a home is the third most stressful thing in one’s life, next to death and divorce. If you’re not careful, you can spend hours pouring over listings of homes for sale, that you may not even qualify for.

At MLS Mortgage our goal is to make the home buying process fun and exciting! We take pride in the service we provide, in our ability to provide our clients with accurate knowledge, as well as our ability to provide some of the best pricing and programs in the industry. We are there for our clients through each step of the pre-approval and home buying process, and long after the ink on the contract has dried.

We assist our home buyers by:

  • Being accessible on the phone eleven hours a day, six days a week; not just during banking hours.
  • Providing a well-rounded knowledge and answers to questions for all types of financing programs.
  • Educating them of the different programs available to meet their short term needs and long term goals.
  • Crunching the all the numbers and providing accurate pre-qualifications.
  • Taking a complete and accurate application.
  • Collecting the necessary documentation needed to secure an actual loan approval.
  • Shopping and comparing one lender’s programs and fees to the next.
  • Making sure that everyone involved in the transaction is kept up to date as the transaction progresses.
  • By woking diligently to meet all the lender’s needs, while exceeding the buyers and their Realtors expectations.
  • By providing peace of mind from start to finish!