Mortgage Pre-Qualification

At MLS Mortgage we can assist you with your mortgage Pre-Qualification and loan approval process. This process will minimize stress, and make the home buying process as fun and exciting as it is supposed to be. By starting with the Pre-Qualification process you will get a good idea of how much home you can buy, or it will help you decide whether or not a refinance would be in your best interest. An analysis of the facts will keep you from getting excited about a home you may not be able to afford or, keep you from cheating yourself out of that one special home.

After getting Pre-Qualified, the next step would be getting Pre-Approved. Getting Pre- Approved entails completing an application, running your credit report and collecting documentation needed to support the information you provided in your loan application. This will intern, allow us to shop through the various lending institutions for the most competitive rates, terms, and pricing. Once this step has been completed, we actually send the entire loan package in for a real Loan Approval. Once we obtain the full loan approval, you are ready to shop and present offers with the knowledge and confidence that you are going to be an owner!

Arming yourself with a Pre- Approval will not only keep you from wasting your time and keep you from being disappointed (or cheating yourself out of that one special home), it will provide you and the sellers with peace of mind that your escrow will close, and on time!