Service Philosophy

Benefits to the Prospective Buyer/Borrower

Peace of mind: Prospects need to know their best interests are of paramount concern to everyone on the team. Our borrower goal and needs orientated consultations are designed to help each client find the more cost effective solution to their particular set of circumstances. They need to know they’re getting the correct information. They need to know the chain of events that need to occur, once hey have made the choice to move forward. They need to know that their team is working diligently to make each transaction as easy and affordable as possible. They need to know that if, or when they have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, that their calls for service will be answered; properly and promptly. They need to know that when they are ready to buy, they will own. They need to know that they matter most.

Services: Our services begin the first time the phone rings and doesn’t end until we die, or retire; whichever occurs first. We say this because each and every person we speak to is a Relationship, not a commission. A commission only lasts a few hours, while a strong Relationship should last a lifetime. That is why we make out best attempt to be available every time the phone rings, just as we do for our family.

When we answer the phone, we are all about making life for the person on the other end fun and easy. We are all about providing the same service and respect as we would expect from our friends and family.

Once we have been properly introduced, a kind and relaxed conversation can take place which should open the door for everyone to share about themselves; just as would happen when you meet a new friend. This enables us to learn how we can provide the most service. It enables us to see exactly how their transactions need to be structured; to meet not just their needs, but their dreams as well.

Applications can be taken in person, over the phone, or even online. Documents can be collected, copied and returned, or they may be scanned and emailed, faxed, or even sent via US Postal Service; whichever is easiest for the client.

Pre-Qualifications and Pre-Approvals along with estimated closing cost sheets are always put in writing and expeditiously sent to all the concerned parties to the transaction.

Number crunching and pricing conversations can be structured as often as it takes to make sure the buyers are reaching their goals, and to ensure there are never any last minute surprises.

Once the loan is approved and Doc’s are ready, a Mobile Notary can be scheduled so that our friends can sign in the comfort and convenience of their own home. This service goes a long way in confirming that we are looking out for our friends best interests.

As you can tell, communication is the key to our services and it never stops at funding. Our services continue every time there is a substantial change to the market, or every six months, whichever should occur first. We know things change, we know people like to know what’s going on, and we know it is our job to stay in touch so they don’t have to.